The implants can be placed sub to supra crestal depending on the indication.

Precision and safety are at the focus of implant bed preparation.

The system is equipped with a precise triangular pre-drill and a particularly smooth running, self-centering form drill, solutions for different bone classes and a minimally invasive punching system.

Implant planning and placement

FairImplant gives you the opportunity to position the implants differently depending on specific requirements of the situation.

Bone density and preparation

FairImplant has fitting instruments for all bone qualities.

Pilot Drill

Various pilot drills are available.

Triangular Pre-Drill

The triangular pre-drill enables high precision and is suitable for preventing slipping into the former socket.

Drill Probe

With the drill probe and the pilot drill, distances of the planned diameter can be estimated easily.


Mucosal punches with appropriate guide probe are available for atraumatic and precise punching.

Semi Punch

Guiding pins and punches can also be used for partial flap or semi punch treatment.

Bone Harvesting

The self-centering and smooth running form drills from FairImplant generate bone chips.

Maintenance of instruments

Drill Usage and Peparation of non-sterile instruments
FairImplant recommends changing undamaged cutting instruments as follows:
The pilot drills after 5 to 10, the form and dense drills after 20 to 25 implant bed preparation.
Details on preparation of non-sterile instruments before use can be found in the download area.